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Our Vision
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Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity of passive income and investment safety through the use of innovative tools and expert guidance.
OrbitFund is our straightforward investment platform. Qualified ORBIT holders have tiered access to monthly returns up to 10%. Each period of 27-28 days is followed by a withdrawal and deposit window of 3-4 days. Future plans include an auto-reinvestment feature along with variable-ratio investment opportunities.
OrbitPad provides Qualified ORBIT holders with whitelist access to stringently vetted and fully doxed prelaunch crypto projects. Savvy investors have access to all upcoming and open whitelist project information and can see how their early investments have grown with ROI statistics as projects transition from OrbitPad presale to launch.
Aiming to simplify the complex world of cross-chain data and analytics, OrbitAnalytics will provide pre-made templates for novice traders as well as custom templates for the seasoned professional. Launching with the two of the most requested networks (BSC and ERC), future versions will provide all the flexibility needed to quickly validate your research prior to making any trade, on any chain!
Facilitating trade through BSC and ERC, and set to expand across all available chains, OrbitExchange is our decentralized high-speed trading platform. Qualified ORBIT holders will be provided with top performing tokens based on organic data-driven rankings and will also simultaneously be rewarded with a 50/50 revenue sharing model generated by advertisements within the exchange.
Q4 2021 - Q1 2022
Phase 1
Fair Launch ✔
Core Team Hiring ✔
CMC/CG Listings ✔
Marketing Partnerships ✔
Staking & Lottery ✔
Community Growth ✔
Q1 - Q2 2022
Phase 2
Orbit Rebrand ✔
Beta Utility Launch
OrbitFund Audit ✔
Aggressive Marketing Strategy ✔
First Project Launched on OrbitPad ✔
Q2 - Q3 2022
Phase 3
V1 release of Utility
OrbitFund Expansion
Increased Social Media Outreach
Multi-Chain bridge ✔
Buy/Sell tax removed
Tier 3-4 Centralized Exchange Listings
Q4 2022
Phase 4
Ad Revenue Sharing
Brand Expansion
Industry Recognition
Tier 1-2 Centralized Exchange Listings

ORBIT is your digital keychain to the Orbit ecosystem. Orbit was fair-launched in December 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain where 80% of the supply was made public.

Buy Tax: 10%
Sell Tax: 10%
Wallet Transfers: 0%

Public 80%
Team 12%
Redistributions & Marketing 6.5%
Burn 1.5%
Meet Our Team
Monk’s innovative, bombshell market strategies are positively yogic, lending a distinct professional advantage to his goals as a lifelong entrepreneur. Monk is fearlessly transparent and humble, but with the gritty mathematical intellect of a multi-billion-dollar industry powerhouse. He has a nose for talent, intent on intelligence and authority in every personality he on-boards. Above all, he values his team, our time, and the community.
Our Chief of Operations, Foliash is an intensely self-motivated technical wizard with a driving spirit of inquiry and hawk-eye for improvement. In several thoughtfully calculated entrepreneurial moves, Foliash renounced corporate security in favor of multiple successful startups of his own. With a moral compass pointing to fairness, his consideration of others is second to nothing. Ask him a question for a triptych response.

You can purchased through EverSwap.

BSC: 0x4bf5cd1ac6fff12e88aedd3c70eb4148f90f8894
ETH: 0x4bf5cd1ac6fff12e88aedd3c70eb4148f90f8894
AVAX: 0x4bf5cd1ac6fff12e88aedd3c70eb4148f90f8894
MATIC: 0x372d044DD3391ab6B1eFFDE76D2579Cf77A56F26

Yes, you can see the liqudity lock for BSC, ETH, AVAX, MATIC . Our LP will be relocked monthly until the ERC bridge has been completed. After this we will have longer lock periods.

We recommend 12%+ for slippage when purchasing via pancake swap.

You can join our Discord community channel if you have any project realted questions. Our Discord is @orbitecosystem. If you have a marketing proposal you can fill in this form.
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