The Legacy of Orbitlaunch

Orbitlaunch once stood as a pioneering force in the cryptocurrency world, offering a suite of innovative tools and platforms designed to empower both novice and seasoned investors. With a mission to provide secure investment opportunities and passive income streams, Orbitlaunch created an ecosystem that catered to the diverse needs of the crypto community. Here's a look back at what Orbitlaunch represented in the past:

Vision and Mission

At the heart of Orbitlaunch was a clear and ambitious vision: to offer a panoramic view of the cryptocurrency landscape and to ensure that every individual could achieve passive income and investment safety. This mission was driven by a commitment to innovation and expert guidance, positioning Orbitlaunch as a trusted name in the cryptocurrency domain.

Core Products and Services


OrbitFund was the cornerstone of the Orbitlaunch ecosystem, providing a straightforward investment platform. Designed for qualified M31 token holders, it offered tiered access to monthly returns of up to 10%. The investment periods were structured into cycles of 27-28 days, followed by a 3-4 day window for withdrawals and deposits. Future enhancements promised to include an auto-reinvestment feature and variable-ratio investment opportunities, further simplifying the investment process for users.


OrbitPad catered to savvy investors by providing whitelist access to rigorously vetted and fully doxed prelaunch crypto projects. M31 token holders could access detailed information about upcoming and ongoing whitelist projects, allowing them to track their investments and see how early participation paid off through ROI statistics. This platform aimed to ensure transparency and maximize the potential returns from prelaunch investments.


Recognizing the complexities of cross-chain data and analytics, OrbitAnalytics aimed to demystify this aspect of trading. It offered pre-made templates for beginners and customizable templates for experienced traders, launching initially with support for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ERC) networks. OrbitAnalytics was designed to provide the necessary tools to validate research quickly and effectively before making trades across any blockchain.


OrbitExchange was the decentralized, high-speed trading platform within the Orbitlaunch ecosystem, facilitating trades on BSC and ERC networks, with plans to expand to all available chains. Qualified M31 holders benefited from access to top-performing tokens, identified through organic data-driven rankings. Additionally, the platform featured a 50/50 revenue-sharing model, rewarding users with revenue generated from advertisements within the exchange.

Featured Recognition

Orbitlaunch gained notable recognition and was featured on various platforms, underscoring its impact and influence in the cryptocurrency industry. This recognition was a testament to the quality and effectiveness of its products and services, further cementing its reputation as a leader in the crypto space.

The Orbit Ecosystem's Legacy

Orbitlaunch's comprehensive suite of tools and platforms provided users with a robust framework for safe and effective trading, along with opportunities for passive income. Through OrbitFund, OrbitPad, OrbitAnalytics, and OrbitExchange, the ecosystem addressed the multifaceted needs of crypto investors, from investment management and prelaunch project access to advanced analytics and decentralized trading.

Tips for the Future

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